In March, my daughter Zoey and I invited the Albrook staff to help raise funds for Ukrainian families that fled their home because of the ongoing war. Many Ukrainians found a safe place to stay in Poland, the country that I grew up in. Many Polish people opened their doors with an open heart. One of those families is my close friend’s parents. They invited 7 people (3 adults and 4 teenage children) to stay with them. My friend’s mom, Mrs. Lis, asked for help in collecting funds in order to purchase necessities for the children, such as clothing, school supplies and food. 

Thanks to generosity of the Albrook staff we raised $1,000 dollars sent directly to Mrs. Lis. She was able to buy the needed items for all 4 children. Even though the families were unable to celebrate the Easter Holiday in their own homes, with the funds collected. Mrs. Lis was able to organize a proper celebration 

After receiving our gift, Mrs. Lis was very moved and responded: “Thank you all for the wonderful gesture of understanding and support during these difficult times.” 

“Let us treat them (children), therefore, with all the kindness which we would wish to help to develop in them.” 

–Dr. Maria Montessori