Better Together: Monet Classroom

In November, the Monet Class lived our school theme of “Better Together” as we learned about a celebration from India called Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Two of our parents joined us on ZOOM, and using puppets along with a storybook; they told the children the tale of the homecoming of King Ram and his Queen Seeta. Jaiden and Rohm and their moms, Mrs. Gujarati and Mrs. Mukherjee wore very special clothing for Diwali. They gave us an intricately patterned tablecloth, colorful flower garlands, brightly painted clay lamps called diyas, and delicious sweets like laddoo and barti. Each child had the opportunity to make a special card to take home to their families along with their own diya and sweet treat. During the following week the children visited the Diwali table to look at the storybook and decorations and process what they learned from the parents’ presentation. The Monet Class was excited by the chance to celebrate together with friends and family.