Better Together: Stepping Stones

Most of our Stepping Stones students were born in late 2018 or 2019. Due to the pandemic, most of them have had limited social interactions as far back as they can remember. Now that they are settled in, they enjoy social interactions with their classmates and understand how much friendships enrich our lives. Each year, it is gratifying for the teachers to observe the children forming bonds with their peers as they move from the unconscious to the conscious. This year, it is incredibly heartwarming as the children are genuinely making up for a lost time! During the winter, we will plan an activity where each of the children will bring an item needed to cook something together. For example, each child would get a needed item such as mini bagels, pizza sauce, spoons, cheese, plates, etc. By doing this, the children will have a concrete example of how we need each other and are ‘stronger together. Another example is when we collect food for the backpack program at the food bank. Each child in the school brings their assigned item. We gather in Albers Hall, and there they get to see how much we can accomplish together as a school with everyone contributing, even just a little bit.