The kindergarten class of 2022 prepared for the graduation play and al-bum ceremony on June 10th at 9:30. The children performed the Play, Oobleck, in front of their immediate family and grandparents. Traditionally at Albrook, the kindergarten year culminates with a play where everyone has at least one line to say on stage. There is a king, queen, guards, messenger, townspeople (cook and dressmaker), and royal ladies of the court, royal musicians and narrators. This year the royal magicians and a bell ringer were added to complete the cast. The play usually ends with a dance to Bach’s March in D song. The children have gained confidence and skills in drama class all year long and enjoy performing on stage with the direction of Mrs. Lipman. Ms. Crawford and Mrs. Marvi assist with the musical component of the graduation ceremony. The children receive a gift of an album which is a compilation of their hard work throughout the year prepared by their classroom teachers.