By Aarya, Shelby, and Izzy 

The Upper Elementary students have raised $7,051 and PAMBE Ghana/La’Angum Learning Center (LLC) in Africa has raised $4,203. The money Albrook raised will be split between both schools. We will be using our half of the money to honor our school Co-founder, Ms. Anita Albers and update our Children’s Garden. For example, we will be adding new walkways, birdhouses, soil, etc. With their half of the money, PAMBE Ghana will pay for a teacher’s salary. For one teacher, it costs $2,750 per year. 

To raise the money Renoir and Degas class ran/walked a 5K (3.1 mi) with support from parents, teachers, and Lower El. PAMBE Ghana ran/walked a 13K (8.07 mi). We ran the 5K by doing 31 laps around our soccer field. Before the 5K, we gathered pledges from family and friends and along with that we set up a GoFundMe. We also put boxes outside the school for more donations. We gathered money from March 21 to April 14, which was the day we ran the 5K. 

The students did almost everything themselves from marking the trail to creating the GoFundMe and raising awareness to what we were doing. We appreciate and thank everyone who donated and supported us. We had so much fun doing this project and hope to inspire others to do the same.