Dear Parents, 

Reflection is a part of growth, and as we reflect on the 20212022 school year, we have grown as individuals, a community, and global citizens. The obstacles we face in our lives present challenges, but it is how we conduct ourselves in the face of those challenges that indeed shapes us. With great pride, we acknowledge and applaud our staff, students, and the Albrook community for their resilience, sense of responsibility, and character as we navigated a lengthy and challenging health crisis together. This partnership strengthened and unified us, and we are all “better together” as a result. 

We will not know how great an impact COVID-19 has had on our students emotionally and socially for many years to come. We hope that providing in-person learning, developing a sense of community within each classroom, and focusing on our Social-Emotional Curriculum have lessened the effect. 

Despite these challenges, we can still take pride in achieving several significant milestones. We completed the rigorous re-accreditation process from the American Montessori Society and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Albrook faculty and staff worked as a team towards this accomplishment with input from the Board of Trustees, staff, students, and our parent community. Your support and input is never taken for granted, and we are deeply grateful. 

During this difficult time in our history, The Albrook School extended a helping hand to others in less fortunate circumstances. The travesty in Ukraine was met with a support drive and a staff collection for a refugee family. We responded to a school’s need for supplies in Honduras and ran a 5K race at the elementary level to fundraise for a school in Ghana, Africa. Multiple food drives were orchestrated for the Backpack Lunch Program to help alleviate’ food deprivation for students on the weekend. An Albrook Team was created to participate in a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, and Good Grief walks. A gift drive was organized during the Christmas season to benefit children who might otherwise not receive any gifts for the holidays. As trying as times may be for each of us individually, there are always those with more pressing needs. It is incumbent on us to act as role models for future generations and teach them to project beyond their insular world and have a lasting impact on their communities. 

These service endeavors would not have been successful without community support. We asked, and you graciously kept giving. A heartfelt thanks for the thoughtful contributions you have shared with so many. We, as a school, pledge to continue and increase our service to others in the years to come. 

Our Albrook School Parents’ Association’s role became increasingly important during the pandemic. The APA has been the lifeline to our parent community. The Spring Event was the perfect example of this year’s theme, “better together.” With inclement weather impacting the big event, there were two choices: letting the disappointment dictate a response or carrying on with positivity and humor, and enjoy singing in the rain! Our APA moms chose the latter. They adjusted, adapted, and let their love-light shine for all of Albrook to share. Not only was the Spring Event successful, but there were many examples of working together for a common goal. We observed a young kindergartener, Vance, helping with a class game, parents waiting in their cars until the rain subsided to participate, auction items brought outdoors, and then all rerouted for an indoor setup, and the list goes on. During the cleanup, we observed Kai Sjurset carrying tables with his dad. Thank you to all who gave of themselves; your time and hard work were the greatest gifts. The rewards of your efforts will be reflected in the changes at Albrook as we look forward to a new roof on the Building A wing, invest in ever-changing technology resources, and continue improving our library’s aesthetics and functionality. 

As a closing gesture of appreciation, the focus belongs to our teachers. Simply stated, they showed up daily and put their students’ and the Albrook community’s needs first. They are indeed the heart of Albrook and deserve recognition for all they do every day. They pivoted to provide virtual learning when needed and supported their students academically, socially, and emotionally while altering their routines to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. They have always supported each other, but they collectively became “better together” during these trying times. 

We wish all our friends who are moving on to new learning environments a successful transition. Please keep in touch. To all of our returning friends, please relax and enjoy the summer break, and we look forward to welcoming you in September for another great year! 

With deep gratitude and warm wishes for a fun-filled and healthy summer, 

Ms. MacNeill 

Head of School 

Mrs. Ponzio 

Assistant Head of School