B y this point in the school year, our Stepping Stones Plus group has become like a family. The children have moved from parallel play to associative and co-operative play. During a recent school break, together a few of the children created a palace and out-door terrace out of blocks for the small dolls from the dollhouse. It was wonderful to observe them working together as a team. The children came up with the idea and completed it all by them-selves. 

The children also took turns sponge painting a huge birthday card in honor of Ms. Albers’ 93rd birthday. This was a multi-day project made with lots of love. The teachers observed that most of the Plus children are Paw Patrol fans. We used some Paw Patrol painting pages and watercolor paint for a lesson on rinsing their paintbrushes in water before using a new color. 

The children were free to choose work from the shelves of the Matisse room and plenty of time was spent playing outdoors too.