On Tuesday, May 17, the sun shone, and there was a lovely breeze. It was a perfect setting for our Spirit Day celebration. The Albrook students gathered around Building B playground as Mrs. Lipman reflected and shared the many ways we as a community have touched the lives of others with our “Better Together” initiative. The children are very proud of how they have made a difference by caring for and respecting the earth and reaching out to help others in our local community and world-wide. We talked about all the contributions each student and class has made. Some spoke of planting, others composting and collecting garbage, and all the classes participated in service projects. One common theme among all of their efforts: they’ve worked hard as a community to make a difference and worked “Better Together.” Mrs. Marvi guided the assembly in singing peace songs. The students prepared to have a picnic lunch outside. 

Our APA officers and volunteers were also acknowledged for all they give all year long. It was our final pizza day, and the children were invited to enjoy ice pops, compliments of our APA. What a positive impact the celebration had on all who attended.