Hello everyone! 

My name is Alexis. I’m 12 years old and graduating from Albrook. Next year I’m going to The Willow School. Ok, I’m going to start off with how amazing this school year was! I enjoyed so much time with my new and old friends! Making food and going out to recess made the school year so amazing. 

Being able to come to school every day instead of being virtual because of Covid was probably the best part of this year. I felt so relieved without a mask. We can communicate more, talk without being muffled and, as Ms. Lipman says, being able to “project our voices.” 

I appreciate Ms. MacNeill for giving us the opportunity to learn in school for the past two / three years since the pandemic. 

I would like to thank Ms. Kar for providing me with all the math lessons / work pieces, and all the cultural lessons about water, sound, and the parts of plants and animals that I would have probably never known about. I also thank her for putting so much time and effort into teaching me ways that make more sense for me to comprehend. 

I would also like to thank Ms. Vazaios for helping me for three whole years even during virtual learning. She did the best she could teaching every day when we were in lockdown. I also thank her for providing me with resources to help with a learning condition that I have. 

I would like to thank Ms. Lipman for giving me the opportunity to be the star of the play this year (including Ms. Amazing Izzy) and teaching me in fourth grade as well. 

I would like to thank Izzy for being my best friend of eight years and always being by my side in every situation. If we didn’t meet each other at recess when I was four at the tire swing (Kayla included) I don’t know what my life would have been like without you. I’m sorry I left so abruptly and didn’t return for three years. But what I’m very glad about was the fact that I came back for fourth grade. Funny thing is, If I didn’t come back, Izzy would have probably gone to the school in her town and we wouldn’t have made such amazing memories together throughout these years. Thank you so so much, Izzy, for being the bestest friend and person in the world! And thanks to the other teachers who have taught me throughout the time I was here. 

I would also love to thank my dad for being the best dad in the history of the universe. He supported me through tough times and has been my Mr. Mom since forever. I have been able to learn so many things that I had never known before and meet so many amazing people! 

I will miss Albrook very much but I’m glad to be moving forward with the knowledge and memories from this amazing school.