Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

For children 2-3 years of age

The Stepping Stones program is for children ages two and three and is designed to give each child a positive first school experience and to expand his world beyond the home. The materials and activities in the classroom satisfy the children’s natural curiosity, sense of order, and desire for independence as they learn and explore through their senses. The children have the opportunity to develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills in a safe, nurturing environment.


Scheduling options
5 Days 8:30 – 11:25
5 Days 8:30 – 2:25
3 Days 8:30 – 2:25 and 2 days 8:30 – 11:25

Full Day Stepping Stones Program (Extended Day)

In the mornings, the children will attend our three hour toddler program. The morning class is followed by lunch and recess. The children then nap for approximately one hour to one hour and 15 minutes.

Stepping Stones Plus Program

The Stepping Stones Plus program was initiated based on the needs of today’s working parents and the desire for Albrook to serve our community. The program adheres to the Montessori philosophy, and provides for the needs of the individual child. The Stepping Stones Plus program is available when school is open with the addition of one day in September, two days in December, three days in February, five days in April, and four in-service days.

Your options are as follows:
5 Days 7:30 – 5:30
3 Days 7:30 – 5:30 and 2 Days 7:30 – 2:25
3 Days 7:30 – 5:30

If this program serves your needs, inquire at 908-580-0661 or email Nancy Ponzio at

The Classroom is divided into the following areas:

These are activities that provide real life experiences for the child. They develop independence, concentration, coordination, fine motor skills and a sense of order and responsibility. Grace and courtesy are also emphasized. 

Sensorial activities help the child become aware and develop his senses: visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile. They indirectly prepare the child for the acquisition of mathematical concepts and language skills.

The math activities provide a firm foundation for the decimal system. Children are introduced to the numbers number symbols 1-10 and gain an understanding of the corresponding quantities.

Language activities expand the child’s vocabulary, knowledge and communication skills. They also develop pre-reading skills with the introduction to the names of the letters and their corresponding phonetic sounds.

These projects allow the child to creatively express himself. They develop a sense of order, creativity, concentration and fine motor skills.

Daily Routine

Work Time

The children start the day by independently choosing activities from different areas of the classroom: practical life, sensorial, math, language, manipulative exercises and art. Here the children work independently and with guidance from qualified Montessori teachers for approximately an hour.

Circle Time

During this time the children learn to interact and participate as part of a group. Through music, movement, stories, food tasting and language enrichment activities, the children build concentration, self-control and positive social skills.

Snack Time

The Albrook School provides snack for the children. The teachers and children sit down together as a group for snack. Healthy foods, social interactions and good table manners are the emphasis at this favorite time of the day.

Outside Play

The toddler program has a state of the art, age-appropriate playground connected to the classrooms. It consists of 2 climbing structures and tunnels designed for gross motor development, a sand table and a selection of cars and push and pull toys.

Special Events


This is an introductory meeting between parents and teachers to introduce parents to the procedures before they bring their child to school the following week. This meeting lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Back to School Night

This night begins in Albers Hall where parents will be greeted by the Head of School, Pauline MacNeill and introduced to the Albrook staff. Parents then return to their children’s classroom where they are further oriented by their children’s teachers in the procedures and events of the coming year.

Fall Harvest

This family event has activities that include Pumpkin carving, sing-along, and good food. Come and meet other families from Albrook in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Parent Day

This is an opportunity for one parent to come into the classroom and work with his/her child for a forty-five minute period. This is a wonderful opportunity to see what activities the child enjoys and works with in school.

International Day

This is a school event where all the children gather to celebrate the cultures of the world through song and dance.

Grandparents’ Week

Grandparents’ are invited to come into the classroom and spend an hour with their grandchild. Children have an opportunity to share their activities and friends with their grandparents.

Train Ride and Picnic

The children take a short train ride and then attend a picnic at Harry Dunham Park.