Summers At Albrook

Camp Information 2024

The Albrook School has air-conditioned rooms, two heated in-ground pools, extensive playgrounds, Montessori trained teachers, experienced lifeguards, and swim instructors. A trained teacher instructs each program.

Children must be 4 years old to attend the summer camp, and all campers must be completely toilet trained. If your child requires daily medication or has a life-threatening allergy, please check with the office before registering. 

Each camper will have a swim lesson in our heated pools each morning. Full-day campers will also have a free swim in the afternoon. A morning and an afternoon snack will be provided.

Full-day children bring their lunch. We will provide one special lunch each session for campers who attend full days. The Albrook School Summer Camp strives to be a nut-free environment. Food that contains any form of nuts may not be brought to camp.


Summer Registration

2024 Summer Programs and Fees

Summer Sessions Selections

You may choose to sign-up for either 1 or 2-week sessions within any camp program or, you can choose to select a combination from different camp programs. Exception: Drama Program is a 2-week commitment due to the student performance component.

Students cannot begin camp until all forms of payment are received in full.

  • Session 1: June 17 – June 28
  • Session 2: July 1 – July 12 (closed July 4 & July 5)
  • Session 3: July 15- July 26
  • Session 4: July 29 – August 9

Refund Policy

Staffing decisions and campe expenditures are made in advance, based on secured enrollment.  Any program withdrawals before April 15, 2024 will be subject to a $50 withdrawal fee per program.  After April 15, 2024, no refunds will be issued unless summer programs are cancelled.  

Camp Schedule

  • Dismissal Morning Campers 12:00 PM
  • Dismissal Full Day Campers 3:00 PM
  • Early Care 8:00-8:30 AM
  • After Care 3:00-5:45 PM

Camp Programs

All campers enjoy morning swim lessons in our heated pools.

Session 1    (Ages 5½ – 9) Open to children that have completed Kindergarten. Become a world-class traveler! This engaging hands-on session will allow children to learn and have fun by exploring and learning about Antarctica using hands-on materials.  Various art projects and experiments, including the use of multi-media computers, will enhance their study of this continent.

Session 1 & 2    (Ages 4 – 6)
Practice basic soccer skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing while developing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship while building friendships.

Session 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Ages 4 – 6, 3 years of age for students enrolled at Albrook)
Come and explore the wonders of nature. During each week, campers will have fun while experiencing a variety of themes, including related projects with hands-on materials.

Session 1, week 1: Explore Animal Habitats
Session 1, week 2: Wildlife in the Woods
Session 2, week 1: Down in the Deep Blue Ocean
Session 2, week 2: Finding Hidden Animals and Plants in Ponds and Streams
Session 3, week 1: The Five Kingdoms of  Vertebrates
Session 3, week 2: Food Chains
Session 4, week 1: Insect Architects
Session 4, week 2: Predators & Prey

Session 1, 2, 3, & 4 

Session 1 wk. 1, and session 2, 3 & 4  (Ages 4-6),  Session 1, wk. 2 (6-10)

Call aspiring chefs! Travel around the world and learn about diverse cultures through their culinary traditions. Different countries and cultures will be explored each session as campers cook and create their recipe books.

Session 1, Week 1 –  Cookies Around the World
Session 1, Week 2 – Cooking 101 – Designing a Healthy Meal–Full Day only (ages 6 -10)
Session 2, Week 1 – Cheeses around the World
Session 2, Week 2 – Fruits Around the World
Session 3, Week 1 – Breads Around the World
Session 3, Week 2 – Herbs & Spices Around the World
Session 4, Week 1 – Lunches Around the World
Session 4, Week 2 – Cakes Around the World

Session 2   (Ages 6 – 9)

Campers will explore various aspects of STEAM as they study different forms of energy.  These include magnetic, electrical, and mechanical energy.
Week 1: – Defining Energy:How is energy created? What are the various forms of energy? How is it harnesses? How is it changed from one form to another? How has it benefited and hurt our planet? This exploration of energy will broaden the camper’s general knowledge of energy, how it has created solutions, but also has done damage to our planet.
Week 2: – Electrical Energy:   Enjoy conducting experiments with various topics related to electricity in this week- long summer camp session.  Discover static electricity. Explore how to build a simple and series circuit and test for conductivity.  Transform chemical energy into electrical energy.  Have fun changing chemical energy  into kinetic energy with propellers and illusion discs.  Investigate how to convert solar and wind energy into electrical energy by building vehicles that harness wind and solar power.    

Session 4   (Ages 5½ – 9)
Open to children that have completed kindergarten

Calling all authors! Bring your story alive while developing creative writing skills such as brainstorming, character development and sentence structure. Each camper will write and illustrate a book.

Session 2– Ages 4-6 (one week option available)
“Intro to the Theater”
Children will use their imaginations to embody characters, act out stories, sing songs, and learn dances.  Instruction will be given in acting and creative dramatics, as well as beginning musical theater.  Each week will end with a group performance on stage, showcasing what they have learned.
Session 3 – Drama for ages 6 to 10 (available for the two-week session only)
“Fun With Theater”
This is a 2 week commitment due to the student performance component.
Come put on a show!  In the two-week session, students will be immersed in all aspects of theater as they rehearse and perform an original play. In addition to acting, students will gain experience in playwriting, costume design, prop creation, and scenery construction.  Campers will explore other theater elements such as dance and choreography, costume and prop making, and scenery design in the afternoons.  This camp culminates in a final performance for family, friends , and fellow Albrook campers.

Session 4   (Ages 6 – 9) 
Art comes in all forms, and digital art has emerged out of the computer age.  It is a new way of seeing things and composing a picture.  This process expands the artist’s creative horizons and develops computer skills.  In addition to the Computer Lab, our young artists will explore different hands-on art mediums in the classroom.


Camp Director – Pauline MacNeill |

Call to schedule a tour (908) 580-0661