Welcome Alumni

We extend a warm welcome to Albrook’s alumni. The Albrook School opened in 1979, and all of you and your families have been an important part of our school’s journey. We are proud of our Albrook students. Our goal is to keep a strong bridge between the past and the present by celebrating all of you, your accomplishments, as well as those of our alumni to be. This is why we invite you to strengthen that connection by sharing your story.

  • Where did your journey take you after your time at Albrook?
  • How has your Montessori education prepared you in your educational journey?
  • Would you share any fond memories, stories or photos about your time at Albrook?


Our doors are always open. Come visit a class, see your teachers, and take a trip down memory lane. We look forward to hearing from you.


Pauline MacNeill

Albrook's Portrait of a Graduate

It is our experience that Albrook students upon graduation display many wonderful skills and attributes. The following list captures our observations of students who have graduated throughout the school’s history. An Albrook graduate will:

  • View themselves in an empowered manner utilizing global tolerance, and innovative viewpoints
  • Seek a peaceful path towards resolving conflict, employing strong problem-solving skills and conflict resolution skills
  • Guide and lead others with empathy, compassion and kindness
  • Demonstrate competency with technology and utilize technology to further his/her education
  • Apply critical thinking skills in both academic and emotional/social situations
  • Independently approach his/her work expectations with a strong level of motivation, yet will successfully collaborate with others when needed
  • Exhibit a depth of knowledge and self-discovery driven by the use of Montessori materials
  • Possess a firm academic foundation that reflects his/her true learning potential, demonstrating readiness for the next educational level
  • Display a joyful love of learning

Alumni Showcase

The strong academic foundation you provided her, coupled with the encouragement and opportunities to see her full potential, were instrumental in Audrey becoming who she is today. She has excelled academically, and chose to pursue the most difficult math and sciences whenever possible in high school. I am certain this self-motivation and confidence in STEM subjects would not have been possible without the Albrook evidence. I am very happy to share with you that Audrey has intentions of studying engineering and art at Harvard College. We are so grateful to you The Albrook School. What you do makes a huge difference. Thank you!"
Kathy Cheng
Kathy Cheng
The Albrook School has played such an integral role in our lives. Above and beyond academics, Albrook provided a safe environment for our girls to discover their interests, learn with confidence, and develop a natural understanding of respect and courtesy for others. With this foundation during their formative years, our girls have blossomed into grounded individuals, ready to take on exciting new adventures that await them.”
The Tomaru Family
Previous Family
The Tomaru Family
I came to the Albrook School when I was three years old in pre-K and spent seven happy years there until 5th grade. The teachers are wonderful and they know how to make learning fun using the Montessori method. The school is in a beautiful place and has several playgrounds, two swimming pools, and a small soccer field. I loved going to school every day and in the summer I enjoyed the camps. To me, Albrook is like home. I will miss it a lot when I grow up, but I will come back to visit and volunteer. Someday, my kids will go to Albrook, too!"
Albrook has been the launching pad for two generations of our family. The team at Albrook School is the very best support your family could possibly have."
The Masi Family
Current Family
The Masi Family

Letters from Parents

Lynda Tomaru

Over the last decade, my husband and I have had the privilege of watching our three children blossom with joy, self-confidence, and independence while attending all programs at The Albrook School…

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Kathy Cheng

Over the years, I have often thought about The Albrook School and the amazing teachers who have touched our lives…

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