Program Overview

The Albrook School offers the following programs:

Stepping Stones

Ages 2-3

A program designed for two and three year olds to develop self-esteem, independence and verbal skills in the young child.


Ages 3-6

These classes are designed for a three year mixed-age groups, where children are exposed to an academically and culturally enriched environment.


Age 5

A full day program in which the students spend half the day in a mixed-age group setting and the afternoon in an enrichment program.


Age 6-12

The Elementary program provides two mixed-aged groupings with a curriculum designed to spark the imagination and encourage a love of learning.

Special Subjects

Special Subjects at Albrook include music, art, drama, Spanish, technology, physical education, and community outreach.

Extended Care

The Extended Care program includes Early and After Care, Stepping Stones Plus, and Expanded Care.


Summers At Albrook

The Albrook School has air-conditioned rooms, two heated in-ground pools, extensive playgrounds, Montessori trained teachers, experienced lifeguards, and swim instructors. A trained teacher instructs each program.

The strong academic foundation you provided her, coupled with the encouragement and opportunities to see her full potential, were instrumental in Audrey becoming who she is today. She has excelled academically, and chose to pursue the most difficult math and sciences whenever possible in high school. I am certain this self-motivation and confidence in STEM subjects would not have been possible without the Albrook evidence. I am very happy to share with you that Audrey has intentions of studying engineering and art at Harvard College. We are so grateful to you The Albrook School. What you do makes a huge difference. Thank you!"
Kathy Cheng
Kathy Cheng