Good morning. My name is Hudson. I have been going to Albrook for 5 years now. I came here in 2nd grade after my brothers got into a high school nearby. I was not expecting just how much Albrook would change my life. First, I want to address the incredible staff at Albrook. Ms. Baird, Ms. Lipman, and Ms. Vazaios, you are all the best teachers a student could ask for. Mrs. Sinck, thank you for helping me and all the students at Albrook who have gotten a cough, or scraped their knee on the playground. Ms. Zarate, thank you for teaching me and the other students about art and helping me discover my love of drawing. Ms. Crawford, thank you for teaching me and other students about music, and helping me learn many musical instruments, such as the recorder, xylophone, and triangle. Ms. Flaherty, thank you for teaching me and my colleagues about Spanish. You are the reason I love learning new languages as much as I do. Ms. Ferguson, thank you for teaching me and my peers about computers and internet safety. Without your teachings, I would not be very technologically competent. Ms. Smith and Ms. Dignam, thank you for teaching gym and helping me and my classmates get into good physical shape and helping us learn how to play, enjoy, and improve at sports. Mrs. Lipman, thank you for being an excellent drama teacher and coming up with different plays every year, as well as being flexible with the roles people want to play. Mrs. Ponzio and Ms. MacNeill, thank you for running and maintaining an excellent school. Thank you to the people at the front desk for your friendliness and kindness towards everyone. Thank you to all teachers and staff that I could not name for being excellent at what you do. 

I remember the first day I came here. Someone at the front desk guided me to my classroom, where I walked into an unfamiliar yet welcoming environment. I was immediately greeted kindly by the teachers, and I sat down with a classmate to work on a project together. I did not realize that the person I sat down with would become my best friend for years to come. I also remember going to Frost Valley for the first time, and how I was very homesick but I still managed to have a lot of fun with my friends. I also remember having fun rehearsing the play, and occasionally getting kicked out of drama for fooling around a bit too much. I also fondly remember playing knockout in gym class and buying myself enough time to tie the game while my classmates cheered me on. Albrook has given me great memories, but it has also helped a lot with my growth as a person. It has helped me emotionally mature in many ways, and most likely in some ways I don’t know or realize. It has helped me see my love of learning and teaching others, as well as lending a helping hand. After Albrook, I don’t know what the future holds for me. I’m going to be traveling abroad for about a year, but I don’t know what that or the future after that will hold. If I had to take a guess, I would say that I (hopefully) will get into a good school, (hopefully) get good grades, (hopefully), get into a good high school, (hopefully) get into a good college, and (hopefully) get a good job. But to me, it doesn’t really matter where I go to school, or what job I get, because I know that I don’t have full control over it. As hard as I try, I might not always get what I want in life. And that’s okay. As long as I’m happy, nothing else really matters. Congratulations to my fellow graduates, and I hope you have excellent futures.