Hi I’m Izzy. I’m 12 years old. I enjoy making bracelets and skateboarding, and every Saturday I go ice skating with Lexie. Next year I’ll be going to the Mount Olive Middle school which is near my house. I don’t know much about the school yet, but I will find out more over the summer. I’ve been at Albrook my whole life, I’m finally graduating this year, but I’m sad to go. I have made so many friends and wonderful memories. This year I had such a great time cooking in the classroom and gardening outside. 

So many of my experiences have been made possible by the teachers here at Albrook. I would like to thank Senora Zarate for introducing me to art and having us create such amazing projects. Ms. Flaherty, who is a very sweet person, has been such a great Spanish teacher. Then there is Mrs. Smith, a good person who shows us new games every time we have gym. Thank you, Mrs. Lipman, for giving me and Lexie the lead role this year; I loved it. Drama is also very fun when we play games and create skits to present. 

Along with that, Ms. Lipman was also my old teacher from 4th grade, and she taught anything in the subject of language to me. Ms. Crawford is a great music teacher and is always introducing us to new songs. Ms. Ferguson is a good computer teacher who comes up with interesting projects to do online. Thank you, Ms. Vazaios, for teaching me in language and picking really good books for reading group. You also pick amazing foods for us to cook/bake in the kitchen, though the salad is not my favorite. Thank you Ms. Behar, Mrs. Dignam, Mrs. Kita, Mrs. Fienemann, Mrs. Fritch, and Mrs. Smith for teaching me in stepping stones, pre-k, and kindergarten. It was really fun. 

To Ms. Francese, Mrs. Thompson, and Ms. Antoniello, I really appreciate you teaching me from first to third grade. I had a great time in lower el. I will never forget running the 5K with Ms. Francese, and I really enjoyed writer’s workshop with Ms. Antoniello. It was so much fun! Thank you, Ms. Hicks, for helping me with MMUN 2 years ago; I had an amazing time. Ms. Balaji was a great STEM and cultural teacher when I was in fourth grade. Thank you, Ms. Kar, for teaching me math the past two years. 

It was great knowing all of the teachers that worked here, and I’m glad I got to know most of them. Last but not least, thank you, Mom and Dad for helping me throughout the years I went here; I really appreciate it. I would not be here if it weren’t for my best friend Lexie of 8 years who came back 2 years after she left in first grade. If she had not come back to this school in fourth grade, I would have gone to the local school in my town instead of here. I’m very happy I stayed because I got to make so many more memories with you and we bonded even more. Thank you.