Over the last decade, my husband and I have had the privilege of watching our three children blossom with joy, self-confidence, and independence while attending all programs at The Albrook School (from Stepping Stones, to the Mixed Classroom, and continuing into the Lower and Upper Elementary Programs.) We are most grateful to The Albrook School for providing an exceptional environment and Montessori curriculum where our children have been able to discover themselves while having fun learning. And as an extra bonus, we do feel their performance academically is a reflection of the sound habits they have acquired over the years (most from preschool!)

Carried throughout all programs at The Albrook School, the three areas of the Montessori curriculum that have been the most significant to us are 1) the hands-on approach, 2) geography, and 3) how a child’s interest is piqued and pursued. Our children have benefited tremendously from being allowed to use all of their senses to learn and develop their imagination. The focus on geography at all levels is astounding; not only are our children quite familiar with the locations of different continents, countries, and cities, but this education has helped increase a sense of familiarity when discussing current events from around the world or making new friends from abroad. And most beautiful of all, there is much consideration on the
part of the teachers to explore a child’s interests, be it subject matter or learning style. We have seen the glitter in our children’s eyes when they have had the chance to pursue these interests (in the form of repetition for the younger ages and increased research for slightly older ages)— and the cheek to cheek smiles when mastering a new skill :)I regard the teachers and staff at The Albrook School as an extension to our family. With the exception of the Stepping Stones program, our girls had the same sets of teachers for the duration of each of their 3-year programs. This fosters a deep bond between families and teachers, which helped to create a strong sense of comfort and security for our children. This nurturing environment has allowed our children to truly discover themselves.
The Albrook School provides an environment that instills the importance of peace, respect, and courtesy to others. These ideals have simply become a natural way of life for my children. In this environment, I have also seen my children grow in self-confidence from their own learning experiences. This last decade at The Albrook School has given each of my children an opportunity to develop a strong sense of self, which I am confident will take them far whichever path they choose to take.