Elementary is happy to be able to start the 2022-2023 school year with a brand new “buddy bench” on the elementary playground. A student in the Degas class initiated the idea for this bench in response to a peace lesson discussion. The student had experienced using a buddy bench in her previous school, and when she described it, the class agreed that such a bench would be the perfect addition to the Albrook playground. The idea of a buddy bench is a place for students who do not have a friend to play with sit on this bench to signal to others that they are looking for a friend. All students are encouraged to keep an eye on the bench to see if there is anyone in need of a buddy. 

Upper elementary students worked on a proposal for the bench, citing its numerous benefits. Some of the funds raised during the Upper El 5K fundraiser were specifically earmarked for the buddy bench. The bench and an accompanying sign were finally placed on the playground at the end of the year. We know the bench will be helpful as students begin school in the fall. 

The sign reads as follows: 


Contributed by Upper elementary 2022 

1. If you are looking for someone to play with, sit down on the bench. 

2. If you see someone on the bench ask that person to play or join an activity. 

3. If you are on the bench, and someone invites you to play, accept the invitation. 

4. The buddy bench is only used for finding and making friends!