Kathy Cheng

Over the years, I have often thought about The Albrook School and the amazing teachers who have touched our lives…

Lynda Tomaru

Over the last decade, my husband and I have had the privilege of watching our three children blossom with joy, self-confidence, and independence while attending all programs at The Albrook School…

Our New Buddy Bench

As the field of peace education develops, scholar-practitioners increasingly consider and debate who the founders of this field might be. For a field simultaneously as old as Confucius and as young as the United Nations, this is not a clear cut task. Major spiritual leaders such as Buddha, Muhammad, or Jesus Christ are sometimes considered “peace educators,” as their lives and teachings are considered by millions to be examples of ethical and peaceable living.

Albrook Graduates: Izzy

Hi I’m Izzy. I’m 12 years old. I enjoy making bracelets and skateboarding, and every Saturday I go ice skating with Lexie. Next year I’ll be going to the Mount Olive Middle school which is near my house. I don’t know much about the school yet, but I will find out more over the summer. […]

Albrook Graduates: Alexis

Hello everyone!  My name is Alexis. I’m 12 years old and graduating from Albrook. Next year I’m going to The Willow School. Ok, I’m going to start off with how amazing this school year was! I enjoyed so much time with my new and old friends! Making food and going out to recess made the […]

Albrook Graduates: Hudson

Good morning. My name is Hudson. I have been going to Albrook for 5 years now. I came here in 2nd grade after my brothers got into a high school nearby. I was not expecting just how much Albrook would change my life. First, I want to address the incredible staff at Albrook. Ms. Baird, […]

Kindergarten Graduation

The kindergarten class of 2022 prepared for the graduation play and al-bum ceremony on June 10th at 9:30. The children performed the Play, Oobleck, in front of their immediate family and grandparents. Traditionally at Albrook, the kindergarten year culminates with a play where everyone has at least one line to say on stage. There is […]

The SPIRIT of Albrook!

On Tuesday, May 17, the sun shone, and there was a lovely breeze. It was a perfect setting for our Spirit Day celebration. The Albrook students gathered around Building B playground as Mrs. Lipman reflected and shared the many ways we as a community have touched the lives of others with our “Better Together” initiative. […]

PAMBE Ghana/Albrook School Fundraiser

By Aarya, Shelby, and Izzy  The Upper Elementary students have raised $7,051 and PAMBE Ghana/La’Angum Learning Center (LLC) in Africa has raised $4,203. The money Albrook raised will be split between both schools. We will be using our half of the money to honor our school Co-founder, Ms. Anita Albers and update our Children’s Garden. […]

Heifer International

As part of the kindergarten curriculum on the basic needs of man, the children read the book, Beatrice’s Goat. They learned how the basic needs of people are different throughout the world. The kindergarten class did extra chores at home to earn coins for Heifer International. Some families need support for everyday survival. The class […]